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Being subject to expensive, unnecessary, tests, procedures, and additional appointments?
An insurance company telling you which doctor to see?
Reactive medical care, instead of proactive prevention?
A primary care doctor who doesn’t have time to get to know you?
Whether it’s an ear infection, an injury, or a simple question about a rash, members of First Primary Care get immediate attention from their own personal doctor who they know and trust at a low monthly price they can afford.
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Click the link below to find out how to save thousands and have better health coverage with unequalled access to high-quality medical care.

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We're proud to help our members save thousands each month.
"I had BCBS with a 5k deductible, $30 doctor visit co-pays. Not sure if max out of pocket is 2x or 3x. I think 2x but not certain of that. I was paying $1,842/month for this wonderful plan for family of 4.  Now I pay $890/month with $500 out of pocket if something bad happens with $0 co-pays and unlimited office visits"
Bill Skorheim
Spring, TX - Family of 4
"We had an Aetna plan but we were going to lose it in a few months.  It was $1400/month with a $5000 deductible and $13,000 max out of pocket.  BCBS quoted us $2,247/month with a 6k deductible and $13.7k out of pocket max!  No way.  That's what prompted me to reach out you initially.  So glad we found something  better for a little over $900 per month with $0 cost primary care included. "
Todd Ray
Cypress, TX - Family of 4
Are you ready for something new?

There’s a quiet revolution happening in the Houston healthcare industry: First Primary Care. Word is spreading from patient to friend to family member to co-worker, inspiring a movement. A movement to achieve better health through better healthcare.

The traditional healthcare model is broken.   Don’t settle for less.

At First Primary Care, doctors and patients have time to actually know each other. Patients get the personal attention they need, and the doctors can deliver the unrestricted medical care they want for their patients. Everyone wins.

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